Whether your vehicle is for work or play, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to the GVM capacity. GVM is an acronym for Gross Vehicle Mass. 

ASG4x4 have GVM upgrade options for both Pre Rego and Post Rego vehicles.

The GVM is the maximum that a vehicle can legally weigh which includes the vehicle chassis, body, all accessories such as roof racks, side steps, bullbars, winches and so on, plus the weight of the vehicles occupants, fuel and all your camping and personal gear.

If your vehicle exceeds the maximum GVM capacity then your vehicle is deemed in the eyes of the law unroadworthy and unsafe. Therefore it will not meet insurance requirements.

Extended Chassis Conversions

We have a couple of GVM upgrade options available:

3880kg Upgrade

  • The 3880 option involves a full suspension replacement with a 30-50mm lift.
  • A wide range of quality suspension brands to choose from to suit your vehicle.
  • A wide range of spring options so we can choose the right springs for the application of the vehicle.

4490kg Upgrade

  • Involves upgrading the factory diff and re-rating it to a 3000kg load rating.
  • A wide range of quality suspension brands to choose from to suit your vehicle.
  • Upgrade the rims and tyres to a 1500kg load rating. We offer a trade option on new rims and tyres to offset the upfront outlay.

GCM Options also available for pre-registered vehicles only

GCM: Gross Combination Mass is the total combined weight of your accessorised, fully loaded vehicle and anything you’re towing.

If you would like more information on what we can do for your 200 Series LandCruiser, get in touch with us today.