The Extended Wheelbase Chassis Conversion is designed for customers who need a full size tray on a Dual Cab ute. The options for extension are 650mm, 750mm, 850mm and 950mm.

650mm Extension

This is the most common chassis extension and will comfortably fit an 1800mm long tray (all trays are 2000mm wide). Dependant on the customer needs the 650mm extension can accommodate a 2000mm long tray.

The overall vehicle length is just under 5.7m and the wheel base is 2950mm, so the vehicle is still very manageable driving around town. With the independent front end, the turning circle is also better than a 70 series. 

By extending the wheelbase of the vehicle, the rear axle (diff) is moved back and positioned more centrally to the tray. This allows for much safer and better handling of the vehicle when the tray is loaded. The added bonus for an extended chassis model is the wheel arch toolbox’s that are fabricated into the original wheel arch of the vehicle. These are very popular for mounting a compressor or storing recovery gear.

Interior – Extended Chassis (and Standard Chassis)

The interior is trimmed using carefully designed CNC cut panels which offers excellent sound deadening qualities.  An added advantage to this process is the consistent factory finish.

The inverter plug is refitted into the front of the storage box.

The rear window is a flat piece of glass so it is easy to replace. Just head down to any windscreen shop and they can create a template and cut a piece of glass to suit.

Exterior – Extended Chassis 

It’s paramount that our work looks as good as what comes out of the factory. Using Pressed metal panels keeps the internal structure consistent with the rest of the vehicle.

A unique feature to our Wheel Arch Storage Boxes is that they open outwards. This allows us to run a full length step through to the back of the cab without the door folding down and interfering with the step. In addition, all hinges are internal which allows for a more streamlined finish.

Full Length Side Steps

Full length steps offer protection for the back of the cab as well as an additional place to step up to access the tray or canopy.

We can either extend the Side Rails and Step combo’s such as TJM or ARB, or we build our own custom full length step (if you prefer not to have side rails).

If you would like more information on what we can do for your 200 Series LandCruiser, get in touch with us today.